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Welcome to the Official website for Royzy Rothschild, The best Place to be for everything that is Royzy

01/02/2017 Doup Souf Radio #Chicago & Fab Life Radio #Detroit play Blessings Remix ft Trademark Blud & Cyba.

31/01/2017 Radio Woking FM #Warickshire play Pain In My Soul ft Sian Red

30/01/2017 Logick Radio #Chicago play Cupid To catch Yeh ft Lozinky, Miss Stylie & CPN.

29/01/2017 Royzy Rothschild Performs at @ Palm Sugar, Liverpool in support of Colleen lucrezias new single Slay.

28/01/2017 Hot Caribbean radio #jamaica play Champagne & New Jersey Live Radio #NewYork play Chanpagne &

28/01/2017 Royzy Rothschild Performs @ Constellations, Liverpool as part of the Hiphop Art Exhibition end party.

27/01/2017 Indie Live Radio #Usa play Survive, Campus Radio #Texas feature Duck out Of Water on the show.

26/01/2017 Indie Castle Radio #Florida & Ven Rap Radio #SApaolo feature Eminem Effect on the shows.

25/01/2017 SSR Global Network feature Royzy & survive on station also Doll Face Radio #Texas play Survive.

24/01/2017 Random radio podcast features Survive on the show!.

23/01/2017 Street Link Radio #Texas play Eminem Effect.

22/01/2017 Itch Fm #London play Crystal Castles ft Kay Frances.

21/01/2017 2 Locco Radio #Usa feature Royzy on the show Pyscoterium.

18/01/2017 DA Gas Station Flava 107FM #Usa play Eminem Effect.

13/01/2017 Royzy Rothschild performs @ Dough Bar Liverpool supporting D Terence and his new single Mercy.

12/01/2017 KompalaKay Radio play Pain In MY Soul.

11/01/2017 The Link Up Show feature Royzy Rothschild on the show.

10/01/2017 SlaughtaHouz Radio #Detroit play Eminem Effect.

09/01/2017 KWPR Pirate Radio #California play Blessings Remix ft Trademark Blud & Cyba..

08/01/2017 RKC Radio #Paris play Crystal Castles makes number 5 on the countdown.

05/01/2017 DTF Radio play Blessing Remix & Crystal castles ft Kay Frances.

04/01/2017 Haitian Boy Ent blog The Blessings Remix ft Royzy/Cyba & Trade.

03/01/2017 Whirl Radio #Canada play Blessings Remix.

02/01/2017 FSC Radio #Philadelphia play Survive.

01/01/2016 Royzy Rothschild spins on Radio Woking (Pain In My Soul) , Fab Life Radio, Detroit, ( Champagne),  HCR Radio, Caribbean, ( Survive), Slaughta Houz Radio, Miami (Tom Ford Cologne) . Royzy is also featured as a favourite in Januarys  issue of I.O.N Magazine #ionlovesRoyzy click the link to see (ionmagazine).

31/12/2016 Royzy features on Chicagos Random Radio Podcast (Listen Here).  Indie Live Radio, New Jersey play (survive), Campus Radio, Texas (Duck Out Of Water).

28/12/2016 2 High Media feat Blessings Remix ft Trademark Blud & Cyba on the blog (2highmedia)​

Indie Castle Radio, USA play (Survive).

26/12/2016 FSC Radio, USA play ( Survive).

19/12/2016 RPP 98.2 FM Radio, Malaysi, play (Survive). 

18/12/2016 Royzy Rothschild Live Interview on The Gasoline Radio Station, Flava 107, Usa.

17/12/2016 Royzy Rothschild Hosts & Supports Suspect & Beatboy in Liverpool, 24 Kitchen Street.

16/12/2016 Royzy performs at the Big Condo Records christmas Bash at Jupiters bar, Liverpool.

14/12/2016 Royzy Rothschild drops new Remix to Blessings with Cyba & Trademark Blud (Blessings) Click link.

13/12/2016 Blazing 267 Radio, Usa play (Duck Out Of Water, KompaLa Kay Radio play (Pain In My Soul).

10/12/2016 Logick Radio, Scotland play Cupid To Catch Yeh ft Miss Stylie, Lozinky & CPN, Raw Jamz Radio, Usa (Eminem Effect), Indie Live Radio & Fablife Radio play (Duck Out Of water.

08/12/2016 Royzy drops Crystal Castles ft Kay Frances Audio on Youtube, Check it out (Crystal Castles).

05/12/2016 Royzy features on Caribean Radio, HCR Worldwide with Survive produced by Epitome.

04/12/2016 fAB lIFE Radio, Detroit  play Tom Ford Cologne ft Tony Broke & Fmk produced by Hazard.

03/12/2016 Beach Radio Compton play Survive Exclusive, INDIE Live Radio Miami play Survive.

02/12/2016 The American Beat Radio Show play survive and highlight Royzy in the spotlight,  Dj Shorty plays Survive on The Konnect Show on Itch FM.

02/12/2016 Hiphop Life & Times Blog Royzy survive for the first time.

01/12/2016 Raw Jamz Fm play Cupid To Catch Yeh, Eminem Effect, Survive .

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Royzy Rothschild Features on Music Watch TV with Kamary An Only Child LP and a small break down of the hard work and talent that Liverpool has.

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