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Featured Mixtape Royzy Rothschild - Silver Shades (2017) Free Download

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Track List 1.Good Girls like Bad Guys Ft Kay Hatch 2. Make It work

3.All The Way Up  4.They Dont Give a Fuck ft The Real Jay Cee  

5. Blessed ft CYBA & Trade Mark Blood  6.Mike Tyson ft Zone  

7.Molly & taylor swift ft Raii Raii  8. Throw it Back ft JJ Melody  9. Illy illy ft Melo 10.Diligent ft Deelyric 11.Get It In ft filth Cat  12.Let Go ft illustrait  

13.Like The Rothschilds ft Edwin freeman  14.Take My Time ft JQ  

15. Boxing Song ft Zone 7 Jay 1.0 16.Tied To The Tracks ft Big Bates & GBM


Artist: Royzy Rothschild        

MixCd: SilverShades  Released : 2017   Label: Big Condo Records

Produced & recorded  All Work No Play Ent/ Go Play Studio/ LA/Merki/Rosh Studio


Track List 1.Diamonds Intro ft eric thomas  2. Save Me ft Adele

3.Bad News ft Emocean 4.Look Alive  5.Iv Got Me Tag On Me ft Alpha Gibby

6.Fake Friends ft Doneel & kay Hatch 7. No Seeds ft Knoxy  8. Bonus Bars Reef


Artist : Royzy Rothschild

MixCd : Diamonds

Produced & Recorded : Sleepless Studio / Emocean Studio/ Merki studio

Released: 2013      Label: Big Condo Productions



Track List : 1.Intro 2.Written In The Stars 3.Take Me Back 4. Paris Morton 5.Id Do Anything 6. Miami 2 Ibiza 7.Like A G6 8.Invinceable 9.Died in Ya Arms tonight


Artist:Royzy Rothschild

Mixcd: The Unknown Artist

Produced & Recorded: MStar/87Media


Released: (2011)  Label: Big Condo Productions


Track List: 1. Gta Liverpool City 2. Goonies Skit 3. Fuck The Glc Feat .Bobby Keyz/L.Kendall 4.Feel it in The Air Feat .Simon Sez 5. Wondering were to Go Feat.Kraven 6. Here Comes The Pain Feat . Bobby Keyz 7. Smr skit 8. Nowhere To Run Feat. Simon Sez 9. Gta Royzy & Keyz 10. Tic 4 a Tascit 11. ass Punked


Artist:Royzy Rothschild

Mixcd: Gta Liverpool City           Produced & Recorded:Ally Cat studio


Released (2007)   Label: Ally cat Productions


Track List: 1. Book skit 2. Bar session 3. Birds N Girls 4. Friday Satur Sun Feat.Kraven 5.Rocky roose 6.No Sensability 7. Angry Bastards Feat. Tony Broke(Children of the damned) 8. Hey Girl Feat.Kof 9. How High Ski 10. All a time Feat. Simon Sez


Artist:Royzy Rothschild

Mixcd:Scraps Bullion

Produced & Recorded: Allycat Studio


Released (2007)   Label: Ally Cat Productions


Disc 1 Track List: 1 .Intro 2.Want too 3.Bird N' D' Money 4.Half dem emcee's Feat.Tony Broke/Bobby Keyz 5.Ill Be Back bennett 6. Street Grind Interlude 7. Greeen Lanturn Remix 8. Lalala Feat Simon Sez/Mico(The Commission) 9. Royzy & Pyro Feat. Pyro (Urbeatz) 10. Still Be The Game 11.East Meets West Feat.Z 12.Pub Skit 13. Radio chillout 14. Dreams Feat.Bobby Keyz 15.Freestyle Feat BlackSpyder (Newbreedz)/CeeMax/ Melo D (The Range) 16.Allycat Mix 17. Radio Callers 18. The devils Advocate 19. RavP & Royzy 20.My Craft 21. Dirty Dirty 22.Gotta Like One 23. Shackles & Chains skit 24. Get it Swet it 25.Breath Just a little bit

Label: Ally Cat Productions Released: (2006) Mixcd:125 Radio D Big Apple


Disc 2 Track List: 1. Radio Chillout Part two 2. Not Ment to win Feat .Tony Broke 3. Ally Cat Mix Part 2 4. Here We Go 5. This is me bruv Feat. Pyro(Urbeatz) 6.Street Grind Interlude part 2 7. Layed Back 8. We Go ride Feat.Holly Dobson 9.R U Not sure Girl Feat.BlackSpyder/Melo-D/Ceemax/HollyDobson 10.So Many Rappers Feat.Simon sez (The Commision) 11. Legion666 12. Hustle & Flow skit 13.Zebra Tiger Madagascar 14. D Angel 15. Hiphop feat Bobby Keyz 16.21 Grams Skit 17.21grams 18.Radio scream 19.Shook Ones Remix 20 Southpark Zombie Feat Simon Sez 21. Go 22. Street Grind Interlude Part 3 23. Shes Messing Round Feat Cero/Bobby Keyz 24 That Flows 25. If i get locked up tonight




Artist Royzy Rothschild   Label:AllycatProductions


Track List: 1.She's Messing Round Feat. Bobby Keyz/Cero 2.Face Off Feat.Bobby Keyz 3.Shake It feat.Bobby Keyz /Cain 4. Hideaway Feat.Royzy/Danielle Hartley 5. R U Lookin at Me 6. Rock On d Mike 7. urbeatz Royzy & Keyz 8. Fallin On My Knees Feat.Bobby Keyz 9.Liverpools A Jungle Feat.Bobby Keyz 10.Strugglin Every Week 11. Wat Lane estate 12.I Dont Know 13. storm In The Rain Feat.Bobby Keyz

Artist:Royzy Rothschild

Mixcd:mixtape Champion A Stone Cold Mixtape

Produced & Recorded: Phil Hartley/Urbeatz/Ally Cat Productions/2 Die 4 Ent./PinBall

Released:(2005) Label:Ally Cat Productions


Track List: 1.Storm In The Rain Feat.Bobby Keyz 2. Cut above The rest3.Nonsense 4.Royzy Now5. Frontline 6.Freestyle storm 7.In Hospital(live) 8.comin in the Uk (Live) 9.Anger (Live)10.Car Rob Feat. Bobby Keyz & Fitzy G (Live) 11. Magical Magician


Artist: Royzy Rothschild & Bobby Keyz

Mixcd: So It Begins

Produced & Recorded:Phil Hartley


Released:(2004) Label:Spliff Up Lyrical Entertainment


Track List: 1.Face Off 2. That time again 3.I Will Always be an Emcee 4.Liverpool to Sunny Runny 5.Party Over There 6.What you Frontin for 7.Bobby Keyz Freestyle 8.Royzy Freestyle 9.Royzy & Keyz 10.Annabella 11. Lies and deceit


Artist: Royzy Rothschild & Bobby Keyz

Mixcd: So It Begins

Produced & Recorded:Phil Hartley


Released:(2003)  Label:Spliff Up/Scouseland records



Track List: 1.R U Lookin At Me 2.Smoke Weed for Queen 3. Rock On Da Mike 4.Liverpools a Jungle Feat.Bobby Keyz 5. Sittin Chillin with the Aliens 6.That Time Again 7.Hittman Hitter 2 8. Suburban Commando 9.I dont know 10.Royzy Freestyle


Artist: Royzy Rothschild   Released: (2003)

Mixcd:I Dont Know          

Produced & Recorded : Phil Hartley    Label:Spliff Up Lyrical Entertainment



Track List: 1.Sittin Here Stoned 2.Im gonna Roll A Reef 3. Hittman Hitter 4.Rapmares 5.Born in the Pisssing down Rain 6. Smoke Weed for The Queen Feat.Bobby Keyz 7. Struggling Every Week 8. Possesed 9. What Lane estate


Artist: Royzy Rothschild

Mixcd:Sittin Here Stoned

Produced & Recorded : PinBall Studios


Released: (2002)              Label:Spliff Up Lyrical Entertainment

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